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Students and Alumni Bid Bye-Bye to Old Gym

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old gym by Nevaeh WatsonPhoto collage by Nevaeh Watson


Bye-Bye Old Gym

By: Michaela Jackson, Maddie Clark, and Nevaeh Watson


After many years and many memories of this building, the Rankin High School old gym is finally being torn down.

This building was built in the early 1950s and has been standing tall and strong until this day. With building the new school and gym, the construction company will have to remove the old gym. Emotions are mixed about this occurance.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and it is bittersweet!” said Karrie Self, Rankin graduate and retired elementary school teacher. “I have so many memories that took place in that gym! Events such as freshman initiation, District basketball titles, and pep rallies were every football player, band member, and student in our 2-A school was squeezed in! It was the place where I forged bonds with friends, teammates, and coaches that are so dear to my heart. I was saddened for a while but buildings do need upgrading at some point. I’ve realize that it doesn’t matter what building you’re in, it’s the caliber of teachers, coaches, and students that make a school what it is,” she said.

Principal Sammy Wyatt, voiced his opinion on the old gym removal. “I think it’s a great thing. We are getting a gym upgrade with a new practice gym. It’s going to be the prime location for our high school. Our current gym is out dated with a poor infrastructure. I do understand the loss of sentimental value of our old gym, because there’s a lot of memoires made in the building that won’t be forgotten. Lots are upset but I honestly think this is going to be cool and good for our school,” said Wyatt.



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Students and Alumni Bid Bye-Bye to Old Gym