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Two Rankin Residents Compete For Republican Commissioner Spot

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Dean Titsworth by Michael GrohPhoto by Michael Groh

Dean Titsworth running for re-election

By: Michael Groh, Joseph Harris, and Braydon Seabourn, staff writers


Being a county commissioner is not an easy job. However, Dean Titsworth, the current commissioner for Precinct 1, wants to run for re-election.

“I want to make a difference and give something back to the citizens of Upton County,” said Mr. Titsworth.

Mr. Titsworth said he makes a good commissioner because he “listens to the needs of the people and treats everybody fairly.”  He also said he wants to make sure tax money is spent “prudently.”

According to Mr. Titsworth, county commissioners adopt a budget and a tax rate. “They are responsible for all the roads and bridges and buildings in the county. They approve all the bills the county has.  They oversee employees in our precinct, and they approve all the policies and oversee all the day-to-day business of the county among other things.”

Mr. Titsworth has already served one term as commissioner but still has plans if re-elected. “I plan to do as I’ve promised to do and leave the county in a better position when I leave than when I took office,” he said.

Precinct 1 covers half of Rankin, all of Midkiff as well as all the area in between Rankin, Midkiff and the North side of the county.


Pete Jackson photo provided by Angie JacksonPhoto by Angie Jackson



Pete Jackson running for commissioner

By: Camryn Templeton and Carley Stanford, staff writers


Pete Jackson is running for County Commissioner for Precinct 1 in the Republican primary on March 1st.

“Each county has four precinct commissioners and a County Judge who serves on the Commissioner’s Court. Commissioner’s Court conducts the general business of the county. They adopt the county’s budget and tax rate, approve all budgeted purchases of the county, set all salaries and benefits, and provide and maintain all county buildings and roads,” Jackson said.

He defined the area he would like to represent.“Precinct 1 covers the largest part of Upton County by area but the smallest population. Precinct 1 has 77 miles of road, Midkiff Community Center, Midkiff Library, Courthouse, Rodeo Arena Park, and the Senior Citizen Building,” Jackson said.

Jackson has several reasons for running for County Commissioner. “I take pride in our county and our town. I want to be able to provide the best services for our county,” he said.

Why would Jackson make a good commissioner? “Being raised on a cotton farm in Midkiff, I understand the importance of the Community Center and the Library. Living in and working in Rankin, I know the needs of our precinct roads, buildings, etc.”

Some of the plans Jackson has for if he becomes commissioner include “with the down turn in oil prices, which equals tax money, it’s going to be a fine line to keep taxes down and still provide services, and I believe I can do that.”

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Two Rankin Residents Compete For Republican Commissioner Spot